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Offering innovative thinking and out-sourcing. Managing entire stacks and providing turn-key solutions.

System Analysis and Software DevelopmentWe view each project with a clear start and end and tackle them industriously!

With any project we'll carefully analyse and discuss the project's requirements with the client. We are strong advocated of Lean/Agile development methodologies as they keep clients updated and satisfied with the end-result.

Design, Marketing, Branding, Social integrations and organic Rankingget noticed with methods that get you results fast, meanwhile prepare for growth marketing.

here at icekernel.com we understand the value of the quick-win. As a business minded service provider, we offer you a solid foundation to set you on the path to continuous improvement. By launching you quickly, we help you develop your culture, so it is tailored to your needs, and prepared for becoming another success story.

System Engineering and Cloud Architecturewe have extensive experience in data-centers and in the cloud, as well as hybrid systems

We like building platforms that can go big. Our cloud-hosting makes use of our own micro-services architecture, designed to make sites much easier to troubleshoot and scale. We are capable of deploying to any cloud provider, and are comfortable with Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Rackspace.

DevOps culture, Automation and toolingby automating our build systems we focus our time on change management

Keep your head cool when dealing with large volumes of information by focusing your attention on the right processes from the start. We don't repeat ourselves unnecessarily, instead we keep the culture positive by focusing on solutions. Developers and Operations workflows are interwoven so everyone shares responsibility for delivery.

Security, Monitoring, and Testingare what set us apart from the crowd!

Our processes allow us to audit the management of our platforms. We place a high priority on security and monitoring our systems. We aim to comply with the highest standards of quality, and test our code thoroughly.
We recognize the modern code challenges and chose to be rugged.

Consultancy & Trainingwhen knowhow is what truly matters.

Company culture is essential for agile teams, we recommend not to focus on technology first, but on people, to stay agile, learn new tools faster, focus their energy on pro-activity, not fearing blame. Look to us to help you get processes going straight. When your needs are more technical, we'll look at innovative ways to strengthen your business. We can help you whether you have an ongoing project or are just about to start up..