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We're a tech provider, focused on delivering complete solutions. We provide a wide spectrum of services, ranging from system analysis to development, from design to marketing, from public to private cloud hosting, and consultancy on innovating your business with intelligent algorithms and process automation. Take a look at our services!

We started this company to offer the services we find important during the development of our own products, by sharing our experiences we are get better at doing things!

Our core team is picked from focused individuals capable of working remotely, from multiple locations in the world, mostly home offices. We’re a small shop, so we can stay focused, and are capable of providing tailored solutions that fit your particular needs. We strive for code-reuse and simplicity, to promote efficiency in our day-to-day activities in order to provide a higher-quality product.
Our clients benefit from a fast-tracked catch up. Besides our love for tasting the new flavour of the month, we have tried and proven migration paths capable of renovating your digital real-estate, with the new technologies that are finally becoming the standard today.


Docker is becoming standard issue in PaaS offerings, but merely 'Docker-washing' a service is no longer enough.

Harry Francis Marketing Program Manager at Pramati Technologies

Consider dockerit has many applications!

Besides being a far lighter way of scaling your infrastructure, it also provides a layer of security and repeatability.

Our choice in technologies isn't merely based on popularity. The fact they are popular adds a long lasting value to our skill-set. When evaluating a tool, we use several criteria, such as their ease of use, a thriving support community, the ability to find talent in the market, their projected growth and scalability. Still, more importantly, their intended use.

Putting applications into containers works great for isolating applications and tenants from one another. Yet there is much more work to be done past that. Automating processes with configuration management and orchestration tools brings a level of confidence and robustness without equal. The processes we put into place ensure procedures keep their intended benefits. One example is isolating code from data, by using a configuration management server capable of recording all commands executed on the platform. We provide a higher than usual level of security, which auditors are always happy to see.


A wide range of experience and tools helps in finding the right match for your particular situation. We're not limited to any one product, though we will advise greenfield projects to go a particular way, as we have ready-to-go solutions we are continuously delivering services with.

Service providers these days cannot afford downtime these days. As such we build redundancy right into our offerings. By automating as much as possible, we keep our heads cool. By maintaining a high-hygiene environment we reduce bugs and security flaws. By staying focused on a few core technologies we increase our output and improve our communication. We immersing ourselves in the continuous discussions surrounding buzzwords like Agile, DevOps, and Rugged, digest them and return useful and actionable items.


That's a point of hot debate. The hurry-up, put-out-there, iterate attitude of agile could actually lead to even worse security problems. It's a conversation that needs to begin, and we're beginning it.

Joshua Corman CTO and Security Strategist at Rugged Software

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Linux guru, big-data and business intelligence enthusiast, founder of icekernel.com

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